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Tuan Elstrom
Technology Specialist
(847) 668-9725

Tuan Elstrom is a Technology Specialist with Finch Paolino, LLC.  He brings a broad range of experience in engineering, digital technology, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices to the firm. Tuan assists clients in concept engineering, constructive reduction to practice, and patent application preparation.  In addition to his engineering and scientific background, Tuan has a broad range of business development experience in the life sciences, digital technology, and medical device industries, which has given him a unique perspective in successfully navigating the intersection of IP portfolio development and business development. 

In addition to Tuan's unique skills in intellectual property, Tuan also brings a wide range of experience to Finch Paolino in the areas of research and development, software and digital technology, regulatory compliance, medical affairs, and business development.  Tuan works closely with the patent attorneys at Finch Paolino and clients to bring unique engineering and business insights to the generation of intellectual property and development of IP portfolios. 

Tuan is a named inventor on 13 U.S. patents and is the author of numerous peer reviewed publications in the life sciences and digital technology fields.  He holds a degree in Aero-Astronautics (Avionics) Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Select Patents:

US 8,870,810

US 8,287,483

US 7,066,884

US 6,887,239

US 6,294,342

US 6,032,059

Prior Positions
  • Cipher Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Scientific Advisor
  • FirstString Research, Inc., VP Business Development & Operations
  • Sontra Medical, Inc., Director of Business Development & Marketing
  • Abbott Laboratories, Instrument Scientist
  • B.S., Aero-Astronautics (Avionics) Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1992
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